Bible Study

Digging Deeper Together

Here at New Life Church, we encourage everyone to dig deeper into God’s word, not just relying on someone else’s understanding. Our Monday night bible study is lead from this, as we desire everyone to grow in their own personal relationship with God. The bible study is open to everyone, not just New Life members & congregation, it’s our hope that many will come throughout the Body of Christ, regardless of denominational background, and that we’ll all grow together in the love of Christ. So Everyone come enjoy a time of study and fellowship, it’s time to feed the spirit. Come and experience the love of the brethren in the social hall at New Life Church every Monday night, as we dig in together! Studying starts at 6:30 pm & is being led by Helen Moody!

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Send us a message stating you're interested in Bible Study and we will let you know when/how we will be re-instating Bible Study with COVID19 limitations etc.

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