Devotional Spotlight

July Devotional

Ladies, our Heavenly Father has made promises to each one of us, His daughters. Yet too often we allow those promises to be held captive by the enemy of our soul. God longs to birth His promises through us for His glory. Yet, too often in our impatience, we keep aborting them. Genesis 18:14 (Amplified Version) reads ” Is anything too difficult or too wonderful for the LORD? At the appointed time, when the season for her delivery, comes, I will return to you (Abraham), and Sarah will have a son.”

Earlier in this same chapter Sarah laughed at the very thought of the fulfillment of God’s promise to her of having a child. Why? Because although doubting God is nothing to laugh about; sometimes His promises to us seem so amazing, the reality is just too hard to believe. Think about it, Sarah was pass the promise bearing age….who has a baby at 90 years old? To Sarah’s human nature, at this point in her life, the timing was beyond anything slight of a miracle.

Too often like Sarah, we laugh because we feel we have passed the promise bearing age. We stop when we should be moving forward. The world needs us to allow our Father to fulfill His promise and His purpose in our lives. We were born to display His power. It is time to move forward with Christ. It is time for delivery! Just as God asked Abraham, He asks us IS ANYTHING TOO DIFFICULT OR TOO WONDERFUL FOR THE LORD? THE TIME IS NOW! READY? SET! BELIEVE! May your joy be full! Cynthia Waldron

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